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The Bailadero - Located in the Park of Anaga

The Bailadero is a small town located within the Rural Park of Anaga, an area where important ecological processes and scenic beauty coexist with traditional activities. Thus, we have a very unique landscape which is the result of a long and harmonious coexistence between human beings and the natural environment. The objective is to preserve these areas in full, not only for its natural but also for its cultural values.

"The Bailadero" is also a place of many stories and legends, one of which gives its name to our town. "The Bailadero" is named after the witches who, in the past, celebrated their sabbat by dancing around a bonfire.

Mirador El BailaderoThe Bailadero vantage point IMirador El BailaderoEl Bailadero vantage point IIMirador El BailaderoViews of Taganana