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The Hostel - Common Areas


Bar - Cafe:

In Montes de Anaga Hostel a cafeteria is available to those hikers who want to cool off with unique views.


Living-cum-Dining Room:

The dining room, which is located on the ground floor, can accommodate 40, has wonderful views to the South side of the island and provides access to the terrace. The cafeteria services can be enjoyed from 10:30 to 18:30 hours in both the dining room or on the terrace. Both spaces are heated.



Terrace BBQ:

The terrace offers magnificent views of the sea and mountains and is, undoubtedly, the perfect place to spend the evening enjoying a nice dinner as darkness envelops the Anaga Rural Park. It also has a barbecue and outdoor heating for the use and enjoyment of our customers.


Salon Usos Multiples

Multipurpose Room:

In 2008 the Montes de Anaga Hostel became in a call center providing free access to the Internet for both its customers and those wishing to make use of it, and 6 PCs are at their disposal.



Wall climbing:

We also offer wall climbing on one of the outer walls of the building, where we offer regular introductory courses in rock climbing and / or rappelling.



TV lounge:

We obviously we have a small TV lounge for those who do not wish to completely disconnect from the outside world.




In the bicycle store we can leave our mountain bikes and also boots and other equipment that we will not be using inside the hostel. It has a separate entrance to avoid spreading mud in common areas.



Dressing rooms:

The male and female changing rooms have 4 separate showers, 2 toilets 2 washbasins, and also a toilet with shower adapted to handicapped visitors.



The kitchen:

The kitchen is equipped with all utensils and appliances needed to provide service to customers who are interested in tasting our traditional food.


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