The health and safety of our guests is our priority.

The situation caused by the spread of COVID-19 led us to close the Montes de Anaga Hostel in mid-March, as recommended by the health authorities. Currently and until further notice, it is not possible to make reservations at our center. We will update you when we resume our activity.

Hiking and running

From the Hostel "Montes de Anaga" you have the opportunity of discovering the magnificent natural environment of the Anaga Rural Park. You will encounter beautiful trails and crossings of Anaga, surrounded by rich flora and fauna.

You will discover the secrets, legends and stories of this particular area of Tenerife. In addition, we will help you understand the way of life on one of the most remote and far-fetched places of our Island. We will recommend and guide you along three of the countless trails Anaga:


A. Las Vueltas de Taganana:

ruta las vueltas de tagananaSendero Las vueltas de tagananaRuta Albergue Las vueltas de taganana

B. Albergue - Taganana - Albergue "Por Lomo Abicore":

ruta albergue taganana albergue por lomo abicoreSendero albergue taganana albergue por lomo abicoreRuta albergue taganana albergue por lomo abicore

C. Albergue - Bailadero - Taganana - Bailadero - Albergue:

ruta sendero albergue bailadero tagananaruta senderismo albergue bailadero tagananaruta senderismo bailadero taganana

D. Albergue - Bailadero - Cresal:

ruta sendero albergue bailadero cresalruta sendero albergue bailadero cresalruta sendero albergue bailadero cresal

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