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How to get there

By car or bicycle:


From Santa Cruz:

We make or way to the village of San Andrés. Before entering the village we come to a roundabout which allows us to turn off towards El Bailadero / Taganana. Once on this mountain road, the TF-12, we continue straight on until we reach the turnoff to El Bailadero. The Hostel Montes de Anaga is 800 meters on our righ.


La Laguna

From La Laguna:

We make or way to the to the Monte de Las Mercedes. Once we have road TF-12 to El Bailadero, we continue straight on for approx. 13.5 km. Once we reach the junction with the road to El Bailadero, TF-123, we turn right and the Hostel Montes de Anaga is 800 meters further on.


By bus from Santa Cruz:

Montes-de-anaga-03Line 947: Santa Cruz - Punta de Anaga:

Itinerary: Central Station Santa Cruz - Avda. de José Antonio - Avda. de Anaga - Autovía de San Andrés - Carretera al Bailadero - El Bailadero - Parque de Anaga - Lomo de Las Bodegas - La Cumbrilla - Chamorga - Punta de Anaga.

Timetable Line 947


Área Recreativa Rosa Sosa

Line 946: Santa Cruz - Taganana- Almáciga:
This line stops 15 minutes from the hostel

Itinerary: Central Station Santa Cruz - Avenida de José Antonio- Plaza de España - Avenida de Anaga - Muelle Norte - Autovía de San Andrés -San Andrés - Cruce el Bailadero - Taganana- Almáciga.

Timetable Line 946

By bus from La Laguna: 


Line 77: La Laguna- El Bailadero:

Itinerary: Central Station La Laguna - Las Canteras - Las Mercedes - Cruz del Carmen - Cruce Taborno - Cruce de Afur - Casas de La Cumbre - El Bailadero.

Timetable Line 77