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The current population of the area is of approximately 2,500 which are spread out over various settlements, which in turn are scattered in small hamlets:

El Batán Taborno Roque Negro
Chinamada Chamorga Catalanes
Bejía Afur Valle Crispín
Las Carboneras Casas de la Cumbre Valle Brosque
Lomo de las Bodegas La Cumbrilla Valle Grande
Taganana El Bailadero El Draguillo
Almáciga Benijo  


Caserio-en-anagaThere has been a strong migration from Anaga since the sixties as a result of isolation and, particularly, of the decline of traditional activities, agriculture and livestock, with which the locals could barely survive. The great majority of these people work in urban areas and, conversely, the weekend use of houses and land by people living outside the area who devote their time to a supplementary agricultural activity, especially potatoes and vineyards, are also common.