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Anaga is a place of many stories and legends, not only those which give their name to places like Bailadero or Playas de las Brujas, but also those that sustain that the Tenerife pirate known as “Dog’s Head” hid a treasure in the cliffs near Igueste of San Andres.

LeyendasAccording to the chronicles from the area of Taganana, Princess Cathaysa, an aborigine who was sold into slavery by the Spaniards in 1494, lived here. Another famous story is that of the Virgin of Begoña of Almaciga, who was brought to this village of Anaga after a bottle containing a message and several pictures of Her was washed up on the beach of Almáciga.

This bottle had been thrown into the sea in northern Spain by some inhabitants of Bilbao who were on their way to Santiago de Compostela, and who had promised they would take a replica of the Virgin to wherever the bottle was borne by the sea.

The legend of the Holy Christ of Shipwrecks tells us that on February 16, 1898, while being transported on the steamer "Flachat” the vessel ran aground off the coast of Punta de Anaga, appearing on a nearby beach stored in a box. It was discovered by a goatherd, who believed that in it contained a great amount of wealth, but when he opened it and discovered the image of Christ, he angrily proceeded to strike it until its legs were broken. A few days later, the goatherd had an accident and broke his leg.

The image of Christ is now in the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves in Taganana, where it is still worshiped.