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An exceptional landscape of contrast and beauty containing one of the most rugged areas of Tenerife. The summits are covered by a forest mass with plays an effective role in protecting soil and groundwater recharge, which is distributed along the head of the most abundant of the mountain ravines.

El Balcón de AnagaThe summit laurel, the fire tree-briar, the juniper and wild spurge lands, which are characteristic of the Canary Islands, are excellent examples of well-preserved natural habitats, with many protected species and over thirty in danger. For species such as laurel pigeons, this forest is a vital biological environment, and something similar happens with many of the birds that nest in the volcanic domes “Roques de Anaga”.

The geomorphologic features are also excellently and represented in Anaga, some being highly representative of the island's geology and with a highly singular and scientific interest (volcanic neck of Chinobre, volcanic dome of Anambro, arco de Taganana, the volcanic plugs of Roques de Anaga, etc.). There are also paleontological sites of scientific interest such as can be found at the beach Tachero.

All of the above is marked with human settlements to set up harmonious and beautiful rural landscape. To this we must add the cultural value resulting from the use of the area by the Aborigines as historical region for living and grazing.